Monday, March 20, 2023

WELLNESS:: Tips to Transition your Skincare to Spring


Happy first day of Spring!  It's time to make some changes in our skin routine to adapt to the change in season.  Here are some quicks to help your skin transition into the warmer and sunnier days ahead.

1.  Switch your moisturizer::  If you have been using a thick moisturizer like me all Winter, it's time to switch it up.  With an increase in humidity in the air, heavier moisturizers can feel sticky and greasy.  During the Winter months, I like to use Countertime's supreme cream but I switch to Countermatch adaptive moisture lotion when the seasons change.

2.  Switch your cleanser::  During the cold season, I rely heavily on my oil cleanser because it's less drying.  As we enter Spring, I start using this one more.  

3.  Exfoliate::  After the Winter season, your skin might feel dry and dull.  It's time to start exfoliating!  I like to add these exfoliating beads to my face wash twice a week and I also use this AHA mask once a week.  When it comes to exfoliation, too much of it can lead to irritation so you have to be careful.  It's important to be gentle but consistent!  

4.  Spring clean your make-up drawer:: This is a good time to check the expiration dates of your products and get rid of any expired items.  

You should be using SPF all year round and should be extra diligent when the good weather comes since we spend the most time outdoors.  I'm using this one right now.  I will be reviewing 3 clean, face sunscreens soon!  

Thank you for reading this post!

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