Thursday, March 16, 2023



Green Shamrock Smoothie

Happy Saint Patrick's day and happy weekend!  I like having smoothies for breakfast whenever I can.  If you missed my Instagram reel, I like to mix all my dry ingredients the night before in a Mason jar and store them in the freezer so they are ready to go in the morning.   The Green Shamrock smoothie above is secretly healthy with spinach, flaxseed, and pea protein.  Details are on my Instagram page.

1.  Spring Refresh:: I like to go through my wardrobe at the end of every season and donate anything that I find I haven't worn at all.  I like budget-friendly ways to refresh the wardrobe in between seasons.  Have you tried a capsule wardrobe?  I'm curious about it.

2.  On Birthdays:: This essay caught my eye.  How do you feel about getting older?  Personally, I used to dread it.  I currently see my birthday as a celebration of life and I'm proud of that extra loop around the sun.

3.    On Kitchen Cabinets:: If you went for a white kitchen like most, you might not be trendy anymore.    White cabinets have fallen out of style and bolder, darker cabinets are more popular.  I have to say, I still love my white cabinets.  I don't see us painting them any time soon.

4.  Cleaning style::  What is your cleaning style?  Apparently, there are "deep clean" and "Hollywood clean" cleaning styles now.  I think we need another level in between these two.  

5.  Spring nails:: Which style do you like best?  I'm loving the stripes and the metallic dots.

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