Friday, March 3, 2023


Happy Friday!  We made it through our first week back after February vacation, and it feels like an accomplishment.  We have a storm coming in tomorrow, so I am looking forward to a quiet afternoon at home watching a movie with the kids.  

Enjoy this week's round-up!

1.  Spring refresh:: Is your nightstand in a bit of disarray too?  If so, here are some ideas for a Spring refresh.  I like the Grandmillennial style.  I could definitely use a tray to keep everything contained.  I'm also realizing that keeping my journal on my nightstand might make more sense?

2.  Spring bugs:: If you battle fruit flies on your bananas as soon as the weather warms, you need to try this tip.  It makes sense to me.  Fruit flies go in waves for us and they are definitely annoying.  I used to just keep the bananas in the fridge but then they don't ripen as well.

3.  Guacamole:: If you love guacamole too but hate throwing away leftovers because it browns so readily, this storage container might be worth a try.  I'm adding it to my list.

4.  Recipes to try:: How yummy does this selection look?  My eyes zeroed in on the mint brownies right away.  

5.  Energy drainers:: This list caught my eye.  Clutter definitely has an impact on my mood and energy.  It didn't use to bother me back in the day which I am very amused by.  Curious whether blue light-blocking glasses would make a difference for me too.

Thank you for reading this post!

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