Tuesday, February 28, 2023

CLEAN BEAUTY EMPTIES :: February Edition


Here is another round of Clean Beauty Empties!  Let's dive right in.

1.  Dessert Essence Face Cleanser:: This one was quite a surprise.  I was out of my regular cleanser and grabbed it on a whim at WholeFoods.  It is a clean product at a very reasonable price (how unusual is that?).  With a simple formulation consisting of Castille soap and essential oils, this face wash is effective but gentle.  My skin did not feel dry after washing!  I like to add this bamboo exfoliating polish for a buffing treatment twice a week.

2.  Beautycounter's Countermatch lotion ::This is my go-to moisturizer all year round until it gets really cold when I switch to this one.  This Countermatch moisturizer is lightweight but provides hydration, nutrition and oxygenation throughout the day.  I like that it absorbs readily and does not leave a greasy feeling.  

3.  Necessaire's Body Polish ::This is a fairly new addition to my routine.  I didn't know I needed one until I started using one.  Did you know that you should be exfoliating your body just like you exfoliate your face?  I have tried to make my own scrubs at home with varied success.  I find that there's always a common theme-  they are messy in the shower!  That is not the case with this body polish.  It lasts a while and it provides a gentle exfoliation without the mess.

Have you tried any of these products?  Let me know your thoughts below.  The Necessaire body polish is linked in my Amazon storefront.

Thank you for reading this post!

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