Sunday, March 5, 2023

ROUNDUP :: February Favorites

Roundup is a monthly post theme where I will share my favorite finds for the month.  I hope you like it!

1.  Headband:: If you find headbands uncomfortable to wear for long like me, this one's for you!  I had zero expectations when I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised.  It's so comfortable you forget you have it on.  I have a black one which is no longer available but plan to get the brown one above.  Have you found a good way to store your headbands?

2.  Sports bra:: I have been on the hunt for comfortable sports bras that don't break the bank for a while.  This one is super comfortable and washes well!  

3.  Matcha latte:: I grabbed this matcha latte on a whim at Whole Foods and was pleasantly surprised!  It's sweetened with dates.  Definitely worth a repeat.

4.  Rollup dish rack:: Do you still have a dish rack on your counter? We parted ways with ours and I wonder why we didn't do it sooner? Dishes tended to sit on the drying rack until we put them away and we were always cleaning the bottom of the rack.  This roll-up rack is just simpler and forces you to dry and put away the dishes after you wash them.  It's working for us and I love the open space on our counter.

I hope you enjoyed this month's roundup!  

Thank you for reading this post!

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