Friday, February 24, 2023



Happy Friday!  I cannot believe how quickly February vacation week has gone by. I am not ready to go back to reality next week!  I am still trying to figure out how to make it over here with more consistency as you can tell.  This year has been so busy in so many ways and keeping up with Instagram takes up the little free time I have.  I do miss writing though.

We are heading into town today in a little bit to see "The Art of the Brick" exhibit.  I think the kids are going to love it since they are both Lego fanatics.  No big plans for the weekend otherwise besides a birthday party tomorrow with one of Lucas' friends.  Before we head out this morning, I'll be enjoying a slice of this yummy chocolate banana bread.  My kids go crazy for it!

Enjoy your weekend!

1.  Journaling:: If you are into journaling too, here is a list of prompts and affirmations to help you get started.  I find this practice very helpful.  

2.  Morning flow:: I start my days with about 5 minutes of yoga stretches and I find it very relaxing.  When I started this routine, I had no idea what stretches to do to be honest, and I am not new to yoga.  If you are like me, this will help you.  I find cat crow and thread the needle poses to be very helpful if you have a bad back like me.

3.  Walking:: I have realized that this is the one form of exercise that I truly enjoy.  The weather in the northeast can be very unpredictable in the winter though, so I am looking into getting a walking treadmill for home to help me get the steps in!  Have you gotten one?

4.  Meatless meal ideas:: If you are looking to dial back meat too, here are some yummy ideas with chickpeas.  I wonder if my kids will go for these!

5.  Gluten-free pasta:: Do you have a favorite brand?  I have tried a lot, but I can't really say I have one brand I absolutely love?  How delicious does this dish look though?  I am curious about the brand-  ZenB.  Have you tried it?

Thank you for reading this post!

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