Friday, July 23, 2021

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar


How do we only have one week left in July?  We have definitely been enjoying la vida summer over here.  This mama is not ready for back to school.
I took this picture on one of our walks this week.  It's probably my favorite trail right now because we cross a wooded area and also pass a small stream along the way.  

I am looking forward to a low-key weekend with a visit to the farmer's market tomorrow and as much time spent outdoors as possible.  They say rain is in the forecast for Sunday and I'm crossing all my fingers in hopes that they are wrong. 

Enjoy this week's round-up!

1.  Haircare:: Have you opted for a bun or braid lately because the humidity is wreaking havoc on your hair?  Here are some tips that might help.  I have ordered the oil from Target and will report back.

2.  Picnic-ready foods:: I've been wanting to take the kids on a picnic but it's either been raining or too hot.  It looks like the weather might cooperate this week and I might just bring along some of these picnic-ready foods.

3.  Cutting board care::  I must confess I just wash mine in the sink but don't really dry them with a cloth.  I have snuck them in the dishwasher too on and off (I know...).  These cutting board TLC tips are inspiring me to clean up my act.

4.  New coffee drink:: I am obsessed with lavender lattes lately.  This is a fun DIY to make your own at homeNow if only my lavender would start growing.

5.  Olympics:: I am so excited for the Olympics!  I love watching swimming and gymnastics.  What will you be watching?

Thank you for reading this post!

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