Monday, July 19, 2021



I was looking at my unused sunflower seed flour this weekend and realized it would be perfect for snack balls.  I used to make them all the time and then stopped.  I think it's time to bring snack balls back!

Anyways, I did not want anything too sweet, too heavy, or with too many ingredients.  

Here are the details you need to make these snack balls at home.


3/4 cup sunflower seed flour

1/2 cup dates

2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

2 tbsp coconut oil

Add the dates to a blender with a little water on the base.  Process until smooth.  Add the flour to a bowl.  Combine with the dates and cocoa.  Mix well.  Melt the coconut oil in a microwave and add to the mix.

Roll 1.5 tbsp of mix into a ball.  Place on a sheet of wax paper and transfer the balls to the fridge so they settle.  It takes about 20 minutes.

Here are the nutrition facts for these snack balls.  Not bad!

They feel like a treat!  Store them in an airtight container in the fridge.  My first batch did not last long.

Thank you for reading this post!

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