Friday, October 16, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: Five Things On Our Fall Bucket List


Happy Friday!  I've had caramel apples on my mind this week.  I found a farm where they make gluten-free caramel apples on-site last year.  I couldn't eat them because they still have dairy but I still remember the smell of the caramel.  I remember standing in line with my crew and then walking through their corn maze as they enjoyed their apples.  My apple caramel memory reminded me that I haven't shared our Fall Bucket list so I figured I could make it today's topic.  

Here are our top five Fall Bucket List items!

1.  Enjoy a Caramel Apple :: Because I still remember the smell from the caramel!

2.  Make my own #psl :: I've already accomplished this one!  I had been wanting to try for a while and finally got around to it.  Guys it was delicious and SO EASY!  I did not miss all the extra sugar in the Starbucks drinks.

2. Bake an Apple Pie :: I've always meant to make one but never get around to it.  I'm determined this year to try!  

3.  Roast Pumpkin Seeds :: The pumpkin seeds always get neglected after carving because it GETS. SO. CRAZY.  Anybody else?  I think we need to try to roast them this year.  

4.  Halloween Movie Night :: Halloween night is up in the air with our current state of affairs.  We have been thinking about having a Halloween movie night with a "Boo snack board" and lots of candy so the kids have fun.

What's on your Fall bucket list?

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