Friday, March 20, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

We made it to Friday and we have one week of homeschooling under our belts!  Remember to keep blocking away a little bit of time for you each day and do something for YOU each day even if it's just putting on make-up every day.  Try to be a thermostat and not a thermometer.  Our kids are going through a lot too. They process things in waves.  Being stuck at home is not easy for them either so try to keep that in mind when things get rough.  Sometimes we all just need an extra hug or two.

I wanted to put together an inspiring mix for you guys.  I hope you will like it!

1.  Couple finds a way to celebrate anniversary despite COVID-19 ::  There have been so many expressions of true love during this time.  This couple really stood out to me.  They have been married for 67 years and have never spent an anniversary apart.  This year he stood outside her building holding a sign expressing his love for her.  So sweet!  

2.  A thank you to medical staff in Madrid ::  This week the police force in Madrid wanted to pay a special tribute to all the healthcare professionals who are working so hard as the number of COVID cases keep escalating.  This video shows about 20 police cars sounding their sirens approaching one of the major hospitals in the city.  The officers got out of their vehicles and started clapping in support of the medical staff- what a beautiful tribute!

3.  Cupcake kits :: On a lighter note- are you running out of ideas of things to do with your kids?  A local bakery came up with a cupcake decorating kit that you can pick up (and even get shipped!).  It's genius!  We need a gluten-free version of this!

4.  DIY Coffee drink :: This drink seems to be going viral now that most people are avoiding Starbucks.  What do we think about this three ingredient coffee drink?  I'm not sure about it.

5.  Inspiring poem :: This poem by Laura Kelly Fanucci is going viral right now too because it sums up how we are feeling right now as we remain in this state of suspended animation.  It's beautifully written.

Stay healthy Everyone!

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