Friday, February 28, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

Happy Friday!  It's been a grueling week of sorts so I could not be more ready for the weekend Friends!  Here's this week's Friday Five.  I hope you enjoy it!

ONE ::  Gluten-Free Croissants

Is there such a thing?  Oh yes!  Nahia and I have been on a French kick lately.  I've been reading about World War II in Paris which sparked my interest in red lipstick and got me to practice my French.  She's picking up some of it which is so cute.  Croissants came up along the way and before I knew it we were both drooling for one.  One quick google search brought these up which happen to have Nutella in them, a childhood fave of mine.  Sadly they have milk so I won't be able to eat them but she's going to love them!  Have you tried Schars gluten-free croissants?

TWO :: Summer Bag

Looking at spring and summer fashion items helps me survive through the last weeks of winter.  I was at Target today and there are lots of cute summer finds!  This ratan crossbody bag is a steal and is pretty well made.  Now is it practical for a Mom of two?  Probably not with the multiple requests to carry this or that but I will make it work, somehow.  

THREE  ::  Super Tuesday!

This will be the first election I can vote in and I'm very excited about it.  I became a citizen last December.  We have a professional day at school which is perfect because I plan to stop at the polls early in the morning.  I can't wait to get one of the "I voted" stickers.  It just means so much to me.

FOUR :: David Gray

One of my favorite singers is coming to Boston!  I play his music all the time, specially when I'm cooking.  Of course we have tickets and I'm pumped about it.  Are you a fan too?

FIVE :: Viral Tube Singer performs "Shallow"

Did you catch this video on You Tube?  There was a guy in the London tube going up to strangers and asking them to finish a tune.  Little did he know that the woman he went up to and asked to finish the lyrics of the song "Shallow" had such an amazing voice.  She's so talented and so appreciative of her big break.  It's so refreshing to watch.  

I hope you enjoyed this week's selection.  Have a lovely weekend!   

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