Friday, December 27, 2019

FRIDAY FIVE :: Five Things I'm Into Right Now

Happy Friday Friends!  If you celebrated Christmas like me, I hope you enjoyed it.  We had a very nice day with the kiddos.

As the year winds down, I wanted to share some things that we are liking right now.  Maybe one of these is on your radar?  Most of these are centered on wellness in some way, something that I am focusing on in these last days of the year.

Let's get to them!

1Have you tried journaling?  It can help you in so many ways.  I like to write down something that I am grateful for every morning after I wake up and it just helps me set the tone for the day.  I have used a simple journal so far but love the format of the five minute journal.

2.  If you are looking for a new activity to unwind in the New Year and are not into sewing you might like calligraphy.  I got hooked after attending a workshop with a friend last year.  It's as relaxing as coloring mandalas if you have ever tried that.  This calligraphy book has no frills but it helps me practice my letters.  It's so cheap to get started on this hobby and you will reap so many benefits!  

3.  This turmeric latte is my new night time fave now that it's cold.  It's anti-inflammatory and will help you wind down from the day.  I love how easy it is to prepare.  All you need is to microwave some water in a mug and dissolve the contents.  

4.  Lucas finally warmed up to my essential oil diffuser this December so I started diffusing lavender oil for him at night to help him unwind.  I'm looking to get this room diffuser for his room so I don't have to keep moving my other one around.  

5.  This has been our newest addition and I'm loving it.  We have one in our kitchen and I have one on my bedside table.  I love playing music as I cook on our Google Home mini.  The kids love asking Google to change the volume or play something else too.  I use it as an alarm clock too in lieu of my phone.  I know that there's a lot more things we can do with it and I'm slowly branching out. It's on major sale right now!

Thank you for reading!

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