Friday, November 29, 2019

FRIDAY FIVE :: Five Gift Ideas for Teachers

Happy Black Friday!   I hope Everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We had a very low key day which was much needed.  The kids watched Frozen (a repeat for Nahia) so now we are ready to watch the sequel!

As a teacher, I get asked a lot about ideas for teacher's gifts.  I always tell people that gifts are not needed and that a simple card handwritten by our student means a lot.  If you do want to purchase a gift, you don't need to make it complicated.  I do strongly suggest to avoid food items because you don't know if the teacher has food allergies.  It's not something that always comes up naturally in conversation.  

Here are some ideas for you in a good price range (13$- 20$).  I would love any of these!  

1.  An inspirational daily calendar is a very nice addition to any teacher's desk.  Who doesn't need a good quote to set a positive tone for the day?

2.  All teachers drink lots of coffee.  This stainless steel coffee mug has a BPA-free lid so it's a lot cleaner than a regular plastic mug.  It will last longer too.  I love all the color options!

3.  I keep my lip balm next to my keyboard at school and apply multiple times throughout the day.  I don't know when I acquired this habit.  This better lip balm duo will be such a nice gift!  It has our very popular lip balm in a stick version. You can split up this set between two teachers.  The dollar section at Target has some really cute small cardboard boxes to wrap it up.

4.  I am always applying hand lotion.  I love how easily this one absorbs.  I don't like the really greasy ones that will leave oily fingerprints wherever you go.

5.  You can never have enough pens as a teacher.  I find that cute pens are a must for all those challenging days we have as teachers.  This Lilly Pulitzer black ink pen set is very nice.  An old student of mine gifted it to me after I wrote college recommendations for her.  The pens do not bleed and the print did not fade or peel!

I hope this post gives you some ideas to help you with your teacher shopping list.  Remember, a simple gift card to Barnes and Noble is always very welcome too. 

Thank you for reading!

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