Tuesday, April 9, 2019

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: My Make-Up Routine

Today I wanted to share with you my safe make-up routine.  I have been adding Beautycounter products to my line-up progressively over the past months because I truly enjoy them and they work great with my skin.  All Beautycounter products are FREE of potentially harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates so I feel good about what I'm putting on my skin.

Now let's talk about the products in my line-up:

1.  I always start with my Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer.  It has SPF 20 and provides light hydration and sheer coverage.  It's good enough by itself during the weekend.

2.  During the week I follow with my Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation.  It adds extra coverage for a more polished look.  I really enjoy the texture of this foundation.  It's not too thick that it feels dry on your skin or too runny as my last foundation was.  I'm pretty happy with the coverage as well and I like that it does not feel heavy on my skin.

3.  Concealer is a must!  I'm really enjoying the Touch Up Concealer Pen in Light.  The design is so clever!  You click the back of the pen to release the concealer- 2 clicks are enough for your whole face.  Again, the texture is just right.  I've used too many concealers that are too dry or too runny. 

4.  Next up is eye shadow!  This palette is gorgeous!  Love the paper casing-  it's more ecofriendly and safer too since chemicals from the plastic can leach into your make-up over time.  I'm fairly pale but these colors are perfect.  I was concerned that the pinks would be too bright on my skin tone but that was not the case.

5.  Have your tried our brow gel?  It helps grooms your brows while adding a natural tint.  The formula is conditioning and flake proof.  It's very easy to apply!

6.  Blush is a must to highlight the cheekbones and brighten up your look.  Right now I'm using the Melon shade which looks very natural on my pale skin tone. 

7.  Last but not least is lipstick.  This is a favorite shade of mine.  It's sheer color but adds just enough warmth to brighten up your look.  Most importantly, it's free of harmful chemicals, a must-have with lipsticks since we ingest product as we wear it.  Let's face it, if you have lipstick on as you drink your coffee, you are ingesting lipstick residue with your drink.

So there you go!  These are the products in my line-up.  If you are interested in cleaning up your make-up routine we have our Friends and Family sale going on right now for a limited time. 

Feel free to ask questions-  I'm happy to help!

*This post is not sponsored and reflects my own personal opinions.*

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