Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: Lavanila perfume- a healthy fragrance

When it comes to perfume, I now go for a formula that is clean of additives such as petrochemicals or parabens, gentle on the skin and just smells pure and clean.  If I can find a product that is 100% recyclable and is produced in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, I am sold.  Lavanila perfumes check out all these items on my list and have been a staple for me for a long time.  I used to always fall for a fragrance because of its popularity or its strong scent.  One day, out of the blue, I started to develop skin reactions after applying perfumes.  I tried switching brands but I would still get the same skin reactions.  I also started to find myself coughing uncontrollably when exposed to some very strong fragrances, specially when I was taking public transportation.  I soon realized it was time for a change, and I started to pay more attention to what I was putting on my skin.

I have found in Lavanila, a pure and clean perfume that I can wear safely.  The scents are mild compared to what I used to wear which took some getting used to, but I am at a point in which they feel like the new normal.  They feel right for me.  I have tried a lot of their scents and have not found one I do not like.  I am currently enjoying the fresh vanilla lemon scent, a hint of summer in our frigid weather!

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