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Since today's the first day of Fall, it's time for a summer reading recap.  I did not read as many books as I hoped.  There were a couple I started and just could not finish.
Here we go!

1.  Finlay Donovan is Killing it (4/5)-  
The title here is a little misleading because Finlay Donovan is definitely not killing it.  As a single Mom with an impending deadline for her next book and an ex-husband threatening to take her kids away, she needs a break.  Instead of a break, she gets caught up in a lot of drama. She gets mistaken for a contract killer but she needs the money so things get complicated.  This is a story of self-improvement as Finlay tries to dig out of the hole she's in and do something for her kids.  There is actually a sequel- Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead- that I just added to my list.

2.  Nora Goes Off Script (5/5)-  

This one is a must-read guys!  I could not put it down.  It starts off a little slow but then it sucks you in and you just have to keep turning the page.  Nora Hamilton is a romance channel screenwriter.  Her marriage has fallen apart and she is drowning in debt.  She decides to write about the collapse of her marriage and her book is picked up for the big screen and set to film at her home.  The leading actor Leo Vance is a total knockout and her life is never the same after meeting him.

Nora Goes Off Script is a love story between a popular actor with all the resources but no understanding of real life and a woman who's drowning in debt and is trying to heal from a broken marriage while keeping her small family unit intact.  Love gets messy and complicated with work, kids, and the baggage that comes with life.  Their love is bigger than the big screen.

3.  The Golden Couple (5/5)

Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem to have it all.  Their marriage is not as perfect as it seems though.  Marissa has been unfaithful and is trying to make things right for the same of their eight-year-old son.  She hires Avery Chambers, a therapist who uses unconventional methods and has recently lost her license.

Marissa reveals her infidelity right away and they set on a bumpy course to try to repair their marriage.  Avery thinks she's in control but the truth is that the marriage of Marissa and Anthony is not the only thing that's in danger.

4.  Lessons in Chemistry (5/5)

This one was fun to read because it reminded me of my days in the lab.  It's an inspiring story about Elizabeth Zott, a biochemist born ahead of her time.  Set in the 1960s, it portrays the struggle that women faced in the male-dominated scientific world.  At the Hastings Research Institute where she works, she has no friends except for Nobel-prize nominated, quirky Calvin Evans.  

Calvin and Elizabeth could not be more of a perfect match.  Years later, Elizabeth finds herself a single mother and the reluctant star of America's most beloved cooking show- Supper at 6.  This show brings in the money that she needs to raise her child and Elizabeth finds her edge in teaching women Chemistry as she shows them how to cook, daring them to change their status quo.

5.  The Summer Getaway (5/5)-  

Roby Caldwell is a single Mom who needs to reinvent herself.  She has always been there for her kids but needs a change.  When her daughter becomes a demanding bride, her son refuses to go to college and her best friend is about to break her marriage, she goes on vacation to visit her Aunt Lillian.

The vacation is healing in so many ways and inspires her to take a chance on herself.

Now tell me, have you read any of these books?

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