Friday, September 16, 2022


Happy Friday!  We are wrapping up the second week of school and slowly adjusting to our new crazy schedules.  I am also coaching Lucas' soccer team this Fall which is equal parts fun and exhausting after a long day of teaching.  I am basically learning as I go and focusing on having fun.  

On the line-up for this weekend is soccer (obvi) and hopefully some time to read.  Enjoy this week's line-up!

1.  Mood boost:: If you're in need of a pick-me-up, here are some ideas. Getting outside always does the trick for me.  

2.  Comforting food:: I had my first soup of the season today.  If you are a fan of soup too when the temps dip, this lemony chicken soup looks amazing.

3.  Fall decor:: Do you decorate for the season too?  I love this corn filler and this woven turkey.

4.  All about nails:: Do you like doing your nails too?  I have been into neutrals lately. I think this milky nails trend is fun!

5.  Packing lunch:: Do you struggle with this too?  It's definitely not my favorite task.  This lunchbox formula has potential.  What do you think?

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