Friday, November 20, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar


I can't believe we will be wrapping up November next week.  The temperatures were in the mid 50's this afternoon so of course, we had to go for a walk.  I don't like how short the afternoons are right now, but I definitely like the pink skies at sunset.  Aren't they the best?

I'm excited for Thanksgiving and just being home with my family.  It will be a busy week for us because Nahia is turning 10 next Friday too!  I'm making her birthday cake so I really need to get organized!  She wants a funfetti theme which will be fun.  I chose to make her cake this year because our regular bakery closed and I could not find another gluten-free bakery that can also accommodate a dairy allergy.  Wish me luck as I brush up on my piping skills this weekend!

Enjoy this week's line-up!

1.  Thanksgiving at Trader Joe's ::  Loving all the seasonal specials Which one is your favorite?  We always get our cheese from them.

2.  A classic to watch :: If you are a fan of Friends, you have to watch this.

3. A new take on a Holiday gathering::  You can still connect with family and friends this Thanksgiving.  Here are some tips for a fun virtual gathering.

4.  Tartan :: Nothing like this classic Holiday print to get you into the spirit.  I'm loving the tartan masks with the ruffle.

5.  You can't go wrong with apple pie :: If you are a fan of apple pie, you might want to take a look at this.  Doesn't it look delicious?    

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