Friday, November 13, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

Happy Friday Friends!  It's been a long week.  When Thursday came along, I was convinced it had to be Friday.  I am focusing my energies on planning for Thanksgiving and Nahia's birthday.  She'll have her first double digits birthday right after Thanksgiving and we are determined to make it special, pandemic-style.
One of the questions in my mind right now is whether to bake a pumpkin pie or do mini-pies.  I find both options delicious! I'm also trying to plan for her birthday cake since the gluten-free bakery we used to go to recently closed.

Enjoy this week's line-up!

1.  A plant-based Thanksgiving :: These recipes all look scrumptious and will make anybody happy.  My husband cannot digest meat well so I always work on having some plant-based options for him.

2.  Pie or mini pie? :: I found this video and I just can't decide.  I'm leaning more towards a pie though so I can use my cake stand.

3.  If the shoe fits :: This one is for all my introverted friends out there.  Isn't it the perfect gift?  Homebody should be my middle name so I am ordering one.

4.  It's back!:: My favorite show is back today!  Who else is watching season 8 of "The Blacklist"?

5.  Gift ideas :: I always struggle with this one.  I found a couple of good gift ideas for my husband here

Thank you for reading this post! 

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