Wednesday, May 13, 2020

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: A Spa Day at Home

A spa day at home is easier than you think and, let's face it, we are all in need of some TLC.  Here are some suggestions for a fun and relaxing spa day at home!

Nails are a must.  Manicured nails look better and are also an instant pick me up.  I gravitate towards the neutrals in my hands because the chips are less noticeable.  When you purchase nail polish, make sure it's at least 5-free!  

I have been using the Ella Mila nail polish (7-free) for a while and love it.  I have the application down to a science and the polish usually lasts about 4 days.  

Have you used a body brush?  It's such a simple tool that can help your wellness in a lot of ways.  I like to use it before I shower.  It helps eliminate dead skin, improves blood circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system among others.  I notice when I stop doing it!  

Detoxing the face is a breeze with Beautycounter's charcoal mask I use it weekly to help keep my pores clean.  The charcoal draws impurities out of the pores.  You can literally see it working!

I like to apply a thin layer of Beautycounter's cleansing balm after my charcoal mask.  It feels so nice!  The cleansing balm can also be used as a moisturizing treatment.  The new formula has a blend of lotus extract, jojoba seed oil, avocado seed oil, and Lotus glow to hydrate the skin and increase luminosity.  You can also use it to remove make-up!

Have you heard of facial gua sha?  It is a technique used in traditional East Asian medicine that is often used to treat muscle pain and tension.  It aims to move energy, also known as qi or chi, around the body.  Treatment involves using the tool to rub the skin a series of long, upward strokes.

Gua sha is also particularly helpful for lymphatic drainage in the face because we don't move those muscles that much.  

I like to use my gua sha tools after applying the cleansing balm.  It feels so relaxing!  I pay close attention to my cheekbones and sinuses since it's allergy season.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  

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