Tuesday, May 26, 2020

MOM LIFE :: How Coronavirus Changed the Way we Shop

Our shopping practices have experienced a major overhaul over the past weeks. I'm wondering if yours have, too?

It was a gradual process for us sparked by a combination of the unpredictable lines to get into stores and the ever-fluctuating stock in the items we really need weekly.  Who would have known gluten-free bread would become a hot ticket item?

We were already getting our fruits and veggies by mail through Misfits Market and started to look around for a way to get more items delivered to our doorstep.  I remembered about Thrive Market and decided to explore it again.  It so happens that now, as a teacher, I can get a free membership which is definitely a perk.  When we checked the prices of the items we purchase regularly, we saw consistent savings across the board.  The switch was a no-brainer. 

When we added Thrive Market to our shopping equation, the whole process was simplified to some extent.  We still had to be in line at the store and plan for the whole experience but the time spent in the store was shortened drastically.  

In an effort to simplify the experience even further, we started to look again into the delivery of groceries.  Instacart and other similar services were an instant no-go since open delivery times seem to be non-existent, at least in our experience.  We came across the pick-up service at WholeFoods and decided to explore that further for the convenience, especially since we have one store down the street from us.   

We missed access to the pick-up service at WholeFoods by a couple of days as they closed the site in an effort to amp up their service to meet the sharp increase in demand.  We crossed our fingers and joined the waitlist.  Over the next weeks, we got lucky and saw that our local WholeFoods was taking new customers for online orders.  Once we were in the system, the challenge became getting a pick-up time.  It was, however, easier than Instacart.  After a few attempts, we figured out a system.  

This was the last part of the equation to simplify our shopping adventures.  Getting our weekly supplies in time now basically relies on delivery trucks.  We have had our share of delays but, overall, things are more predictable.  I like the online pick-up system at WholeFoods because you can easily track how much you are spending. Since we have to type in what we need, we are also forced to plan ahead, something that doesn't always happen with kids.  Pick-up is relatively simple and they are great about refunding you if something is not right (last week our hummus had mold?).

I like our system because we are avoiding stores altogether for the most part (minus the pick-up step at WholeFoods) so it's helping minimize exposures.  It has also opened up a lot of time during the weekends that we can spend doing other things with the kids around the house.

I'm curious, has coronavirus changed the way you shop too?  Please let me know in the comments below!

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