Tuesday, April 14, 2020

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: My Easy Quarantine Make-Up Routine

Did you give up make-up during quarantine?  I have simplified my routine and only use these four products every day.  I started using lipgloss too but now just rely on lip balm.  Keeping a semblance of a make-up routine helps me feel more put together even if I'm in gym clothes every day.

My routine is pretty simple and quick!  I follow these four steps:

1.  Tinted moisturizer :: I love our Skin Dew tinted moisturizer.  It is one of the first Beautycounter products I tried and have not gone back.  It is a lightweight moisturizer with sheer coverage and SPF 20 to stay protected in the sunshine.  In the early days, the thought of sheer coverage scared me.  I have learned though that if you take good care of your skin it's enough.

This moisturizer also has vitamin c and sodium hyaluronate for extra hydration and to help improve your skin texture.

2.  Concealer pen :: I love the design of this concealer.    A couple of clicks deliver enough product for both eyes and eyelids.  I like to draw lines under my eyes and then put a couple of dots on each eyelid.  I use a brush to blend in the concealer-  a must in the delicate eye region!

3.  Lip and cheek stain :: A little color on my cheeks goes a long way since I'm super pale.  This lip and cheek pod has enough color without being too harsh.  When I blend it in, it gives me a healthy glow.

4.  Eyebrow pencil :: Last but not least- the eyebrows!  I have realized over the years what a difference it makes when I define my eyebrows and fill them in.  I have tried eyebrow gels and pencils and like the latter better.  This brow pencil is the best match I have found to my eyebrow color!  I use the dark brown shade.    

What is your make-up routine right now?  I'd love to hear!

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