Friday, April 24, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

Happy Friday Friends!  This week was a mixed bag for us.  The weather did not cooperate for the most part which makes it hard when you are in quarantine with young kids who need to go outside.  Lucas is officially over virtual playdates too and I can't blame him.  It's not the same. On the flip side, Nahia's virtual schedule is blooming.  This week she had a lunch and a movie over zoom with her friends.  We have also done two birthday parades and have another one in the books for tomorrow-  a very cute idea, by the way.  

Let's get into this week's "Friday Five" though.  Grab your coffee and let's chat!  

1.  New Drink  // Have you seen this pop up in your feed?  It's Dalgona coffee and there's a matcha version (yay!).  Coffee cloud anyone?

2.  Simply Bocelli //  I'm a big fan of Bocelli and love this song of Bocelli and son is one of my favorites.   

3.  Get glowing! // Beautycounter launched an all bright C serum this week and guys, it is so good!  It has two potent, ultra-stable forms of vitamin C and is charged with additional antioxidant power from turmeric and camu camu.  It's literally like liquid gold and pairs beautifully with one of our cult favorites- the resurfacing peel.  

4.  "Bolero" in quarantine // Did you catch this incredible performance? Members of the National Orchestra of France filmed themselves playing pieces of Ravel's "Bolero" and then weaved together a video of their performance.  It's impressive, to say the least.  

5.  Quarantine hair //  I'm curious, have you cut your kid's hair during quarantine?  I cut Nahia's hair this week and it was a piece of cake.   I felt I could do Lucas' too after watching a lot of YouTube videos like this one and boy was I wrong.  Boys hair is a whole different ball game.  Finding the clippers was quite the odyssey and getting Lucas to sit still for more than five minutes no small feat.  Maybe I need a stash of DumDum pops like his barber?  The back of his head looks better now but the front needs some attention.  Fingers crossed his barber opens soon!

I hope you enjoyed this week's selection!  

Thank you for reading this post!

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