Friday, March 13, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

Happy Friday!  It's definitely been a week we will all remember with all the events in our state right now.  I don't want to go into more details because I want this post to be inspiring and hopefully one that helps you disconnect from your reality, albeit for a few moments.

Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about my Friday Five!  

1.  Couple Builds Shipping Container Home :: Did you catch this impressive story?  I'm not sure I could do something like this and yet there is some element of appeal in their endeavor.  I can't help but notice that they both look so happy and so relaxed.  I love her attitude.  She tries to find humor in their daily mishaps and the mistakes in construction because she realizes the magnitude of what they are trying to do and appreciates the fact that they are both doing the best they can.  I think I will be following their story.  I just find them so refreshing.  

2.  Favorite new chocolate ::  It is no secret that I have a soft spot for chocolate.  I am always looking for new gluten-free and dairy-free options- a tall order, I know.  Dark chocolate is a healthy choice.  Did you know that cocoa is rich in three types of flavonoids?  These are chemicals with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are good for you.  This pink sea salt chocolate bar is a new fave.  It feels so indulgent!

3.  Taylor Swift documentary :: You have likely listened to her songs at one point.  If you have a young daughter, she likely asks for her music in the car.  I loved watching her story and learning about her evolution as a performer.  

4. A Photographer's Parents Wave Farewell :: Have you seen this really cool collection of photographs?  What a beautiful way to document the passage of time.  Such a sweet couple!

5.  Leader in Innovation :: Beautycounter just placed number 1 in Fast Company's annual ranking of the most innovative companies. Beautycounter has accomplished a lot this year.  We increased the list of ingredients that are banned in our cosmetics from 1500 to 1800.  We worked on upgrading our packaging to glass containers to make it safer, cleaner and more sustainable.  Our efforts to bring regulation to the beauty industry are starting to pay off since the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee just passed the Cosmetic Enhancement Act.  Last but not least, we are also seeking to make our ingredients more ethical by making sure that ingredients are traceable and free of child labor.  Can every beauty company say the same?  I am so proud to be part of this movement more than ever!

I hope you found this edition of Friday Five :: On My Radar inspiring.  Stay safe and healthy wherever you are.  Remember all we can do is take each day in stride.  

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