Friday, February 14, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

Happy Valentine's day!  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  My kiddos are busy comparing their Valentine's card loot from today and I'm looking forward to a week with no schedules.  

Do you notice the heart shape in this picture?  I thought it was very appropriate for today.  I'm not at Tatte sipping a matcha but I do have a cup of coffee next to me as I type.  Here are FIVE things that have caught my eye lately.  Grab a cup of coffee or matcha and let's chat about them.  

1.  I am really into documentaries as of late.  We recently watched "Rotten" and it is eye-opening.  The documentary goes into the supply chain and will teach you some surprising things.  I look at avocados differently now.  

2.  As I'm intolerant to oats, I have pretty much ignored granola forever.  I've seen this chickpea granola at WholeFoods lately and I have to admit I am curious.  Has anybody tried it?  Please report!

3.  How cute are JCrew's spring items?  This Montauk tote is the perfect size for work days. I'm loving the shade and the option to monogram it.

4.  I added a new step to my skincare regimen.  I'm using this essence from our anti-aging Countertime line and I'm really loving it.  It's lightweight but deeply nourishing and it's really adding that extra moisture that my skin was lacking. I'm only using a few drops each time so the bottle will last me a while.

5.  In our never-ending quest to get Lucas to sleep better, we seem to have landed on something that I'm liking.  We bought these amber nightlights and I honestly think they are helping him.  We also replaced the light bulbs in his room with amber lights.  Did you know that traditional bulbs are rich in blue light which suppress melatonin?  I like these nightlights so much better than our regular ones.  Have you tried them?

I hope you enjoyed this week's selection!  

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