Friday, January 17, 2020

FRIDAY FIVE :: On My Radar

Happy Friday Friends!  I'm trying out this new "On My Radar" series with five random things that are on my mind right now.  I hope you will find it interesting!  They are the perfect to chat about over a cup of coffee or a matcha.  I have a foamy cup of green matcha ready so let's chat!

1.  "Toxic Beauty" documentary:

Have you heard about this new documentary?  It features an inside look at our beauty industry and discusses how the lack of regulation exposes us to harmful chemicals in our everyday products.   I am psyched to be watching it next week at a special screening near me.  It's a must see!  Check to see if it's playing near you.

2.  Dyson Air Wrap:

The most awarded hair styling tool of 2019, this revolutionary piece allows you to heat style your hair in a healthy way and record time.  It has an ingenious design that attracts and wraps your hair using high pressure air, not heat.  Furthermore, you can customize the barrel to your hair type and style.  I'm most definitely curious about this one!  The price tag is hard to swallow though but the convenience of getting the perfect curl in record time can't be beat.  To be honest I can't curl my hair but I love the concept of curls.  One of these days I'll master this art that is so foreign to me right now.

3.  Cauliflower flour:

I am so curious about this one!  The Whole Foods near me has it on the top shelf of the flour section so it's kind of hard to spot.  It's probably been there for months but I literally just spotted it.  Have you used this flour?  I am wondering whether it's good for other things besides pizza crust.  When I got home I searched for this on Amazon and found some mixes that actually get good reviews.  I mean, if you struggle in the veggie department with your kids (anybody?), this could be a game-changer!

4.  Beyond Beef crumbles:

We picked up these at the store and it was such a hit.  If you watched my stories yesterday, I made a paleo, low carb stir-fry for dinner with spaghetti squash, cauliflower and yellow squash.  I was looking for some protein to add and went with this.  It's absolutely delicious!  I loved the texture and flavor.  It's made out of pea protein but tastes like the real deal.

5.  Mini Luxe's manicure inspo:

I get weekly emails from Mini Luxe with manicure inspo and they totally make may day.  Last week they had a design with a dark blue nail polish and it just got me all excited to try.  I personally love to buy Ella Mila polish and they do happen to have a similar shade to the one feature by Mini Luxe.  Doesn't it look cool? 

Are any of these on your radar?  

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