Wednesday, November 20, 2019

GREEN LIVING :: A Cleaner Brush

A few weeks ago as I was watching Lucas (he's 3) brush his teeth I noticed how he started to literally chew on the bristles.  It's become his new thing before bedtime when FOMO kicks into high gear.  It got me thinking.  I started to wonder about what's in toothbrushes.  I was in for a surprise.

Truth be said, there are no "ingredients" in toothbrushes we buy at the store.  We just assume they are safe and we pick the most colorful to entice our youngest to keep their teeth clean.  We worry about the strength of the bristle so as not to damage their gum tissue and make sure that we get new ones after they catch a cold.

But have you ever thought about what's in the toothbrush itself?  Because, toddler or not, we have all held the toothbrush in our mouths at one point or another for longer than needed.  Did you know that there could be BPAs in your toothbrush?  I never thought about it until I researched it.  

Truth is we get exposed to plastics daily through our use of toothbrushes.  Oral-B is the only regular brand who claims to be BPA-free.  There are other brands like Woobamboo and Green Sprouts which are also BPA-free.  How many of us though buy brushes on sale at the store, specially the kids' ones?  I mean, we go through so many.  And yet it took me so long to put two and two together.  I was watching Lucas chew on his toothbrush and I realized he was probably getting exposed to BPA.

I started looking for alternatives.  Oral-B was an option but, the more I read, the more I realized I wanted an alternative to plastic.  That's how I came across bamboo toothbrushes. The brand woobamboo was available at my local store and it seemed like a good option to try.  They have kids brushes with colored bristles which are still somewhat appealing.  The bristles are nylon and will not break down but the brush itself can be disposed off in your compost bin, something that I feel good about!

I was worried about how the kids would react to the "boring" toothbrushes with no cartoon characters on them.  Turns out Lucas is more into doing the brushing himself than the brush itself so he is not phased one bit by the change.  Nahia does not seem to mind either.  I have ditched my electrical toothbrush as well and am using the same brand too.  I like how it feels on my gums.  I guess we'll see how we are doing when we all go for our dental check!

Have you tried bamboo toothbrushes too?  How do you like them?

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