Wednesday, October 2, 2019

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: For Your Legs Only

Healthy skin on your legs requires work.  You need a good moisturizer and dry brushing helps too.  

Have you tried dry brushing?  I started a while ago and, while I'm not as consistent as I would like with it, I do notice that it helps me when I do it.  

I focus in particular on my legs.  My circulation is not the best so I tend to retain some fluid on and off.  Dry brushing helps you two ways.  It exfoliates your skin which is really helpful all year round but specially in the winter time.  As our skin gets drier, we accumulate more dead skin cells on the surface and then our moisturizer is not as effective.  Dry brushing also helps increase blood circulation and promotes lymph flow/drainage so you will see an improvement in the amount of fluid you retain and the overall visual appearance of your skin.  

You should dry brush your skin before showering.  Dry brushes should be replaced every few months and washed regularly, just like your hair brushes.  I'm loving this one right now.  The whole process takes about five minutes.  Start at your ankles and work your way to the heart.  Apply enough pressure to stimulate circulation but not so much that it hurts.  I go in upward strokes and then go back and do some strokes towards the outside behind the knee, where the lymph nodes are.  

After my shower, I always like to use a good moisturizer.  My skin tends to be on the drier side so I definitely have to be consistent, specially in the winter time.  This firming cream from The Seaweed Bath Co. is one of my favorites right now.  It's an emollient cream that is both rich in texture and deeply moisturizing.  It even contains hyaluronic acid which helps lock in moisture and strengthen the skin's natural barrier.  

It is also full of good nutrients for your skin like vitamins and minerals and antioxidant-rich green coffee extract to help detoxify your skin further.  The caffeine in the coffee extract leads to vasoconstriction or narrowing of the blood vessels which will stimulate your lymphatic system and give you that improved visual appearance of any cellulite areas.  This body cream is gluten-free and has no fragrance.  My skin feels very hydrated after using it but I'm not left with a greasy feeling.  I love it!

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