Wednesday, September 18, 2019

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: Countertime Eye Cream

I started using Beautycounter's new Countertime eye cream a few weeks ago when I ran out of my regular Countermatch eye rescue cream.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my Countermatch eye rescue cream.  It is the first eye cream that has worked for me and helped lighten my under eye area without irritation or any other side effects.  I decided to switch to Countertime though because it does more for you than just improve the appearance of your under eye area and I felt like I am at that point when I could use that extra TLC.  I am not a spring chicken any more (sigh).  

The Countertime eye cream contains our highly innovative Retinatural complex (a plant-based alternative to retinol that is safer and just as effective) and Persian silk tree extract.  It's meant to help improve the luminosity of your under eye area and firm the area around your eye.

The eye cream is definitely an investment-  I am very grateful for my consultant's discount.  It is, however, totally worth it.  The sizing is very generous and the texture is so rich that all it takes is one little dab under each eye-  literally!  It's going to last a while.  The eye cream absorbs readily and leaves my under eye area feeling hydrated but not oily.  I definitely look forward to applying it.

If I compare the texture of the Countertime and Countermatch eye creams I definitely like that of Countertime's better.  It feels richer and more soothing to the eye.  When you think about it, the eyes are one of the first spots on your face that will show your age.  I think it's worth it to splurge on cosmetics that will help keep your eyes from showing your real age for a little longer.  

As with all other Beautycounter products, the Countertime eye cream is formulated without any harmful chemicals so you can have some peace of mind that what you are applying to your skin is safe.  

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*This post is not sponsored and contains my own personal opinions.  I am a Beautycounter consultant.*

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