Friday, August 23, 2019

FRIDAY FIVE :: Easing into September

Happy Friday!  I hope you are enjoying this last week of August.  We have been fairly busy just getting ready for school and doing some projects around the house.  

Reality is right around the corner and pretty soon we'll be diving back into our routines with early rises and packed schedules.  I won't miss the current humidity and heat but I will miss our slow mornings and just hanging out with my kiddos full-time.

This week I am sharing things that have caught my eye lately or have already purchased.  Here we go!

1.  I am a big fan of turmeric lattes.  Did you know that turmeric has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties?  This mix has both turmeric and coconut.  It will make for the perfect hot drink after dinner.  I'm also tempted to make myself a latte with it by adding a shot of espresso.  Stay tuned!  

2.  I love cute initial mugs and the bold print on this one!  

3.  This stainless steel water bottle for Lucas has been such a find!  It's a breeze to clean and leak-proof so far which is a plus.  It's a good idea to switch over to stainless steel when you can.  The BPA water bottles for kids are not that safe.  They may likely contain something like BPA that they don't need to advertise and the BPA itself can break down too in the dishwasher with the heat.  The cost is very comparable and I think this bottle will last longer.  

4.  I've been curious about the Bento boxes for a while.  I love all the little compartments and I think they would be fun, specially for my youngest Lucas.  This one is leak-proof and made out of silicone so you know it's safe.  The tray is removable to make clean-up easier.  Do you use a Bento box already?  I know I'm behind on this one!

5.  Notice how the sweater is at the end of the line-up?  It's not on purpose!  I'm just not ready for Fall.  How cute is this sweater It's on sale right now too.  Loving the leopard booties!

So there you go!  Here is my line up for this week.  Are any of these in your radar?  Enjoy this last week of August!

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