Friday, July 12, 2019

FRIDAY FIVE :: Beach Vibes

Happy Friday!  We have a wet and muggy start to our weekend over here!  I most certainly don't like when the humidity peaks.  Next Saturday we are leaving for Maine and I just cannot wait so I figured I would share my beach vibes selection for my Friday Five this week.    

Here we go!

1.  First up is this very cute Beach clutch.  Somehow, I tend to forget to pack my beach clutch. Packing can get so chaotic with young kids that things like this slip through the cracks.  Anybody else?  This pom pom clutch is so fun though!  

2.  Love the retro vibes of this t-shirt  and it's so fitting for vacation!

3.  A good straw hat is a must at the beach.  This straw Panama hat has UPF 50 and is foldable and crushable so you can put it in your suitcase and not worry.  I love that it works well at the beach and when you are out and about. 

4.  This sunscreen spray is a fave of mine this season.  I love that it rubs on clear and does not stain clothing!  I was done with sunscreen stains on hats and clothing.  This sunscreen works well with sensitive skin and keeps my pale-skinned Little Guy sunburn-free.  

5.  A good new book is a must at the beach.  Not that I will have lots of time to read but at least I'll get started on it.  I've heard really good things about this book.  It's about the introverts in today's society.  As an introvert and a Mama of introverts, it's a must-read for me!  

So there you go!  These are my Friday Five!  Are any of these in your radar?

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