Tuesday, June 25, 2019

MOM LIFE :: Our Summer Bucket List

It's officially our first week of summer vacation so I figured it would be fun to share our summer bucket list.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for lots of good weather so that we can enjoy the outdoors!

As a teacher, I get to spend summers with my kiddos.  I am so grateful for this extra time with them!  Navigating summer break brings different challenges each year because kids mature and their needs change from year to year.  My daughter, Nahia, is 9 and she's at that age where she wants to try new sports and needs more activity than in previous years.  My son, Lucas, is 3.  He's super active but also still needs a nap although we seem to disagree about the latter. 

Here's what we have on our list!

1.  POOL TIME::  We are lucky to have a family membership to a gym with a large outside pool.  The kids love going there in the afternoon when it's quieter.  Nahia has gotten so much more confident in the pool this year and Lucas is making progress too so I'm looking forward to some fun times with both!  It doesn't hurt that there's a snack bar with gluten-free ice cream for that much needed swim break.

2.  TRYING NEW SPORTS & ART CAMP::  Nahia started soccer camp this week.  I had my doubts at first but it turns out that she loves it!  She has good control of the ball too.  She's the only first time player in her group but she's been doing great all week.  She'll be doing art camp for a week in July and then trying basketball in August.  Lucas is trying soccer in July and he's super excited to be like his big sis!  Here's to lots of backyard fun practicing their new skills.  He's also doing yoga at the library once a week.  We've found an awesome local teacher and he seems to really enjoy the class.

3.  OUTSIDE PLAY:: This is a must!  My kiddos love to ride their bikes and play outside.  They have both gotten so much more comfortable on their bikes since last year.

4.  LIBRARY TIME::  This one is a must all year long.  Nahia loves to check out books every two weeks.  She's been reading about 6 books every two weeks which I think is just amazing.  Lucas is getting more interested in books too and loves story time so we'll be putting that in our schedule. 

5.  PARK TIME::  One of the parks we live close to has a large sand box which seems pretty clean.  Lucas loves to play there and he's into climbing onto everything too.  There's no sitting down and watching for me yet!

6.  TRIPS INTO TOWN:: We love going to all the museums in town.  At the top of our list is the Children's Museum, of course.  They can play for hours there.

7.  CALLIGRAPHY AND CURSIVE :: Nahia wants to learn cursive this summer so I figured she can join me as I practice my calligraphy.  Isn't that perfect for the end of the day when Lucas goes to sleep? 

8.  MAINE :: We are heading to Maine at the end of July and I simply cannot wait.  It has been such an intense year that I need my time in Maine.  It's simply my happy place.  We have been going there for a few years now and we have our very own gluten-free food trail which keeps growing every year.  No worries, I'll be sharing on Instagram!

This pretty much sums it up!  What about you?  What's on your summer bucket list?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this post!

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