Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Zucchini Banana Muffins (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

These muffins do not contain dairy, egg or wheat.

My project of hiding vegetables in baked goods is still going strong.  The zucchini looked so fresh at the store on Saturday that I decided to bake some muffins with them.  I've always made cocoa zucchini muffins, but this time around I paired them with bananas.  I guess I was feeling bold because the zucchini is perfectly visible in the finished product.  
Here are the details you need to bake these muffins at home:


1 cup Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour
1/2 cup Bob's Red Mill millet flour
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 medium zucchini
2 bananas
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 flax eggs (2 tbsp ground flax seed + 6 tbsp water)

Preheat the oven to 350F and grease the bottom of your muffin tray.  Prepare your flax egg.  Mix 2 tbsp of ground flax seed and 6 tbsp of water.  Allow to sit for 10 min.  Peel and grate the zucchini.  Peel and mash the bananas.  Mix the dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls. Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix well. Fill the muffin tins about 3/4 of the way up.  This mix is enough for 9 muffins.  Bake the muffins at 350F for 25 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.  Allow the muffins to cool on a rack.  Freeze immediately or store in the fridge for a few days in an airtight container.

Here is the finished product!  They don't look that bad, right?  The nutritional value is right on point.  I have been using these as a carb in lunches or as a snack after school.  Do both of my kiddos eat them?  Nope, only my daughter.  She did tell me she likes them but she would tell her friends at school that there's zucchini in them.  Eating veggies is not a cool thing, I guess.

Are you a zucchini fan too?  Do you pair it with cocoa?  I find that bananas do a pretty good job at covering up the taste of the zucchini here.

Enjoy these super easy and flavorful muffins!  Take a photo and share on Instagram using #peoniesandalatte to show us your creations.

Thank you for reading this post!

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