Wednesday, January 2, 2019

LIFE LATELY :: My 2019 Goals

Happy 2019!  Every New Year, I like to put together a new set of goals.  I usually just write them but this year I am taking a different approach.  I purchased this wall organizer at Target to hang reminders of my different goals.  As I look at the board by my desk, I will be reminded of my goals and hopefully inspired to continue to pursue them.

Looking back at my goals from 2018 I think I did pretty good overall.  I am better at going to bed earlier and I do notice the difference in my energy levels when I stay up too late.  I have managed to work out fairly regularly in our basement mini-gym but I still have those crazy weeks when I just don't manage to find the time.  I have made solid progress with my skin.  I stopped purchasing those make-up remover wipes and make a point every night to follow my skin care routine and remove all of my make-up.  Now as far as wrapping presents go, I do kind of know how to tie a ribbon now but we still don't have that gift-wrapping station set up in the basement (#goals).  I did not attempt to learn how use a sewing machine.  As much as I want to learn, I realize this goal might remain in suspended animation for a while.

So where do things stand for 2019?  Here's my list of personal goals:

a)  SLEEP MORE  ::  I already know that I can make it into bed earlier.  Now I want to aim for 8 hrs a night.  I know it's probably a reach with two young kids and a full-time job but I want to try.  I wake up so early to be at school by 7:15 am that I feel 8 hrs of sleep (I now get 7) would make a difference.

b)  PLAN MY WORKOUTS ::  I have improved the consistency of my workouts.  However, I find that it would be helpful if I could organize them better.  I always start with cardio and then do weights.  I want to organize my weight workouts so that I am targeting all areas equally.  Then there's my abs.  I have diastasis rectii from both pregnancies.  It has improved but I find that as soon as I stop being consistent with the frequency of the exercises the separation comes back and you feel the change in your abdomen.  I have found a couple of bloggers who regularly post ab routines and I plan to incorporate them in my workouts.

c)  BLOG PLATFORM :: I have many ideas to grow the blog in 2019.  I want to make the postings more predictable.  It does get really hard some weeks, specially if I have not managed to take pictures.  It's just me running the show here and some weeks it's tough to make the magic happen.  I do find that I could benefit from a little bit more planning to help things run more smoothly.  I have added a LIFE LATELY section to update you on things going on in my life.  This summer I will likely change the blog platform to WordPress (more on that later).

d)  RECIPES ::  This year I started adding vegan recipes to the blog.  I enjoy vegan recipes myself so I've been having fun experimenting to make my baking recipes work. I also started posting lunch recipes and, seeing how popular they have been, I plan to continue that series.  I plan to add my smoothie recipes to the blog (they are now only on Instagram) too so that you can find them easily.

e)  PHOTOGRAPHY :: This year, I experimented with new backgrounds to make my pictures more interesting and added more props to my collection.  I plan to continue to work on both of these.

f)  BEAUTYCOUNTER ::  I started this venture right at the end of last year.  This year, I plan to grow my client list and continue to work on Beautycounter's mission to bring safe beauty products into the hands of everyone.  I strive to bring awareness to the hidden dangers in cosmetic products through articles that I post on Facebook, Instagram stories on ingredients and beauty reviews on my blog.  I hope that this information will inspire you to take a good look at your beauty routine and make some changes.

So there you go!  What are your goals for 2019?

Thank you for reading!

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