Wednesday, August 29, 2018

MOM LIFE :: The End of Summer-ing

The end of our summer vacation is fast-approaching as we head onto Labor Day weekend.  This year we happen to be on vacation on the last week of summer which is a bit unusual for us but has worked out great.

The end of summer-ing as we like to call it brings in a mixed bag of emotions for me.  On one hand, I'm excited for the prospect of a fresh start with the new school year.  I have a whole new set of students to get to know and work with.  On the other hand, it means going back to routines and not hanging with my kiddos all day.  What gets me most about the school year is the pre-established routine.  I always feel constrained by time.  My to-do lists are never ending, my grading piles keep growing on me and my energy waxes and wanes.  The drop in light hours doesn't help either.

At the core of the matter I feel is the fact that I'm a homebody at heart.  My daughter's the same way.  Right around this time every year, I feel her mood changing.  I try to help her by switching the focus to all the positives of a new school year as I acknowledge that summer ending is a bit of a bummer too.  This year we are also stocking up on pencils that say Maine on them.  Maine makes her happy so I think that these pencils will be the perfect companion at school as she gets settled.

As we wrap up vacation, I will be ordering our favorite pics from the summer so that we can put together our annual mini-album.  It's a really cute end-of-summer tradition of ours.  My daughter's all into it and we love looking at the pictures all  year long.

If you are not back-to-school yet, how are you wrapping up your summer days?  Do you have any end-of-summer traditions?

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