Wednesday, June 6, 2018

MOM LIFE :: Our Summer Bucket List!

As we wrap up the school year, I am getting more and more excited about the summer vacation days ahead!  The balancing act of managing the schedules of two working parents and the needs of two young kids gets exhausting so I feel very lucky to be able to have some time off with them.  It always seems like they grow up so much during the summer and I really enjoy being able to spend all of my time with them.

Around this time every year, I usually get asked a lot-  so what will you do with your kids all summer?  It can be a little overwhelming given that we do not have an extended support system to rely on, but I find that we always end up falling into a routine.  Here is what we have on our bucket list for this summer:

1.  POOL TIME::  We are lucky to have a family membership to a gym with a large outside pool.  They do a wonderful job keeping it clean and safe and even have games for the kiddos to play with on the grass.  My eldest loves the pool and I think my toddler will warm up to it this summer.

2.  BEACH TIME::  We live about 20 minutes from the beach but somehow we never make it to the beach until we go to Maine in August.  I hope to have at least two family days at the beach this summer.

3.  OUTSIDE PLAY:: This is a must!  My kiddos love to ride their bikes and play outside.  They also enjoy drawing on the sidewalk with colored chalk.  My eldest is learning how to ride without her training wheels which is so exciting.  My toddler does not get the pedaling motion yet, but he's really good at pushing himself along with his feet so we know he's gaining leg strength!

4.  LIBRARY TIME::  Story time is a must for my toddler!  This also gives my eldest a chance to pick up some new library chapter books.  She really enjoys reading and we do our best to foster this.

5.  PARK TIME::  One of the parks we live close to has a large sand box which seems pretty clean.  My youngest can play in it for 20 minutes straight which is kind of miraculous so we always try to go there at least once a week.

6.  TRIPS INTO TOWN::  On our list we have the aquarium, the zoo, the children's museum and the science museum.  It should be fun!!!

7.  LAZY DAYS::  On rainy days, we plan to paint and watch some good Disney movies.  Can't go wrong!

8.  CLASSES & CAMPS::  My youngest will keep going to his weekly "gym" class during the summer and my daughter will keep going to karate.  My eldest will try a one-week camp at our local gym.  It's an art camp and she'll be learning new skills.  She's very much into arts and music so I think this will be fun for her!

So this is what our summer bucket list looks like until we head down to Maine mid-August for one week.  What will you be up to with your kiddos this summer?  Let me know in the comments below.

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