Wednesday, June 13, 2018

MOM LIFE :: An Afternoon at the Nursery

Last weekend we visited a local nursery we like before dinner.  We were looking for some flowers for the terra cotta pots we like to have on the front steps in the summer months.  Trips like these always have an element of chaos to them with young kids but just watching them be can be so much fun.  

As soon as my toddler saw their little wagons he was game.  He grabbed the handle of one and would not let go.  That left little finger was always sticking up! :-)

Luckily his big sister was always close by to help him navigate around the tight corners of the nursery.  He was happy to have her help him.

Wellies are a must for us at the nursery.  My kiddos will find the mud/puddles.  These are from the Hunter sale at Target.   It was so cute so see them switch roles as we moved along the nursery.  They were both pulling and pushing the wagon with our flowers.

My daughter is now a fluent reader so of course she was into reading all the labels and telling me about the different flowers.  Some names were hard to pronounce but we worked on that.

We all agreed on petunias.  We were going for something close to a red, white and blue theme and petunias enabled us to accomplish this.  They have a light purple color that they call sky blue and that became our blue. It's not the purple you see in this pic.  

As we were heading to pay, my toddler discovered the big ceramic pots.  Those bright colors definitely caught his eye and he started to try to rock them.  Why not?

Luckily we found a metal pot that was more manageable for him and then he realized he was standing on gravel.  He was mesmerized by the little rocks and kept filling up his bucket and shaking it.  Such a sensory experience!  I started to wonder if we would ever make it out of there.

 Thankfully we made it out in one piece and he helped push the wagon to our car.  Kids had a blast and we got our plants.  All in all, not a bad visit.  Love how much fun the simple things can be.

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