Tuesday, May 15, 2018

MOM LIFE :: On Sunscreen

If I had a dollar for every time I've seen a student with a sunburn or heard a Mom share that she got the worst sunburn because she forgot to apply sunscreen I would be a millionaire.  Sad but true.  For me, sunscreen is personal.  Not only do I burn very easily, I also have a lot of moles that I have to have checked regularly and I have had my share of skin biopsies already.  At home, I am the sunscreen police.  It adds to the morning craziness, but our kid's skin health is worth it.  Sun exposure starts to leave its footprint on our skin in our childhood, so we need to teach good habits early on and raise awareness.

Nowadays, there are countless options for sunscreen in the market.  When it comes to sunscreen types, you can get either a physical barrier or a chemical barrier.  I am a big advocate of the physical barrier sunscreens.  They are just cleaner because they don't contain a lot of chemicals.  These sunscreens will have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, alone or in combination in their formulation.  These mineral ingredients, which protect against both UVA and UVB rays, literally sit on the surface of the skin and scatter away damaging UV rays.  You can apply them on the go because they are active right away and they are less likely to irritate the skin.  On the flip side, you need to make sure you apply a generous layer and the sunscreen does make your skin look paler.  They are also less resistant to sweat, so you just need to make sure you are reapplying it.  Overall though, physical barrier sunscreens get far better ratings by the EWG's skin-deep cosmetic database.

These are the sunscreens that I currently use at home:
1.  ThinkBaby safe sunscreen:  We love this sunscreen!  It's mineral-based and contains 20% zinc oxide (highest concentration).  It's non-oily and applies very easily.  My kiddos don't mind it.  It does make them look paler but it does not bother my eldest (at least right now!).  I just keep in mind that I have to reapply if we are out for a while or if they are playing in the water.  This sunscreen is SPF 50 which is probably the highest you can get anyways and gets top ratings by the EWG's skin-deep cosmetic database.  It's a keeper!

2.  Badger sport face stick makes applying sunscreen to my kids' faces a breeze.  You don't have to worry about getting sunscreen in their eyes and it rubs in very easily.  This is another mineral sunscreen with SPF 35 and zinc oxide as its main ingredient.  No other chemicals to worry about!  It's fairly water-resistant and it definitely does a good job.  I like how it's small enough that it fits in my purse so that I always have it with me when we are out and about.

3.  Josie Maran tinted moisturizer:  I bought this earlier on in the spring when my Juice Beauty tinted moisturizer ran out.  I was not sure how it would work out because they only have one tinted shade and I am on the pale side.  This tinted moisturizer is mineral-based and has an SPF of 47.  It also has argan oil to moisturize the skin and antioxidants like vitamin E for skin health.  So far, I am really liking it.  I was worried it would make me look too pale or orange, but I am finding it gives me a nice overall glow.  When I add my highlighter and blush, the results do not disappoint.  I do realize it's on the pricier side, but I literally use a couple of pumps each time so I think it will last a while.

These are my go-to products for sun protection right now.  What are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments below.

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