Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Are you a New Year's resolutions type of gal?  If you start the year off with a long list of goals, do you find yourself committed to them or do you lose steam by February?  I try not to be too strict about my goals.  I know there are areas in which I can definitely use improvement and there's always something new I want to learn or try but I leave things open and try not to get hung up on crossing out every item on the list as the year goes by. 

Here is my revised list for 2018!

1.  SLEEP MORE::   I am a work in progress here.  Those reality shows are just so appealing at night when the kiddos are asleep and the house is quiet.  But really, do I need to watch them all?  My alarm goes off pretty early so I could definitely use some more shut eye time.  I know the purple lines under my eyes will approve.

2.  WORK OUT CONSISTENTLY::  My husband set up a little gym in the basement a few years ago.  It was such a great idea!  I was never one to stick to gyms consistently, specially when the cold weather hits and it gets dark early.  With a room in the basement, there should be no excuses not to go downstairs at night but, with two small children at home, it does get hectic more often than not and sometimes the sofa looks more appealing.  I've never regretted not working out so I'll just have to keep reminding myself about it.  I've also thought of taping a calendar to the fridge door and marking off the days I work out to keep myself accountable. 

3.  DO NOT SKIP MY SKIN ROUTINE AT NIGHT::  I got into a really lazy stretch last summer with my skin routine just using make up remover wipes to clean my face.  I stopped buying the wipes to avoid the temptation and now fit in my routine before my youngest goes to bed. 

4.  LEARN HOW TO USE A SEWING MACHINE ::  This is one I never get to cross off my to-do list.  Every time my kids get new pants and we fold up the ends because they are a tad long I cringe.  Maybe it's my grandma's influence.  She was great at sewing and would always make sure we had proper seams in our pants.  I know it's just a cuff and it will be gone before I know it, but I would like to make it prettier while it's around!  So, stay tuned!  I hope to get my husband to build us a craft table for my sewing machine.  I know my daughter would be delighted.

5.  LEARN HOW TO WRAP PRESENTS ::  When it comes to gift-wrapping, I have gotten better but I have a long way to go to get to those pretty pictures of gifts with bows, accessories and fancy tags that you see on Instagram.  I tend to go with the bag and tissue paper option because they help me conceal my lack of gift-wrapping skills.  My daughter is on board with this one so I think it should be fun!  It's the perfect excuse to finally organize all those gift wrapping paper rolls that are dispersed around my basement and maybe set up a gift-wrapping station?  A girl can dream!

What are your goals for the New Year?  I'd love to hear! 

Thanks for reading!

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