Tuesday, December 5, 2017

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: Hyaluronic Acid Toner

Today I wanted to talk to you about a new discovery of mine that has been a great addition to my skincare routine.  It's the Isntree hyaluronic acid toner.

As soon as the cold weather hits, my skin feels parched after I get done removing my makeup in the evening.   I used to apply a regular toner to help counteract this, but I realized this season that incorporating something more moisturizing was probably a better choice.

This toner does not disappoint!  The product formulation is free of the usual components I avoid such as parabens, dyes, fragrance or mineral oils.  I can apply it with my hands or with a cotton ball because it has more of a gel type liquid consistency unlike other toners.  I feel my skin is less dry so I am very pleased so far!

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