Monday, December 11, 2017

MOM LIFE :: On Enjoying the Journey

Do you feel like this Holiday Season you are running on overdrive with an ever growing to-do list in your mind?  There are parties, school events, bake sales, dinners, traditions like your holiday card or visiting Santa.  And the list goes on.  We are used to doing everything, every year.  We have to, right?  We are working mamas who can manage it all.  However, if you don't cross an item or two on your list, should it be a big deal?

I was thinking about this yesterday afternoon as we failed, once again, to make it to see Santa with both kids.  We are one week away from Christmas and I don't even have a good picture of both kids to put on my card this year. 

What has changed?  Well, our very spirited 23 month old has shifted his sleep patterns once more and now he's back to waking up at 5 am in the weekends and then napping until 4 pm.  This means that we are not making it out in the afternoon because by the time he is up and has snacked it's almost time to get ready for dinner.  Yesterday he was head over heels with a balloon that my eldest brought back from a birthday party. His expression was pure glee and he flooded the hallway with his screams of delight.  His laughter was contagious.  It was clear that he was not letting go of that balloon any time soon.

I could tell my eldest was disappointed because she sensed that we might not make it out to see Santa...again.  And yet, why should we take the balloon away and fight a battle to get him dressed?  Why can't he just enjoy the moment?  He was having fun, so much fun.  We chose to live in the moment and partake in my son's joy.  My daughter and I sat down to finish her school project as we watched his run up and down the hallway with his balloon.  Truth is, her disappointment did not hang around for long.  Pretty soon we were knee deep in her project and we marched into dinnertime as she decorated her weekend diary with Holiday stickers.

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