Monday, August 14, 2017


Long Sands beach, York (Maine)

I am typing this post (my first one ever!) from the dining table in the kitchen of our condo in York (Maine).  We have a partial view of the ocean from the deck which we have been enjoying all week.  My youngest seems to like standing in front of the bay window and staring at the sea.  There is something about the sea that is so soothing to the soul.  Maybe it's the fact that there is predictability around it.  It will always be there in the distance, the tides coming in and out at known times, the waves breaking on shore...Maybe it's the fact that all those things we used to do in the beach as kids are always so fun to experience again every summer.  No matter how hot or tired we are, if our kiddos want to dig in the sand and wail "help" as they lift a shovel up in the air, we will come over and indulge in some digging.  As we dig, our spirits quieten as we envelop ourselves in the motions.  To-do lists fizzle in the background and pretty soon we are pretending we are pirates or bakers.

This little town of York has been our go-to place for the past few years.  We happened to discover it by total accident.  Yes, we had heard about York and Ogunquit for years but had never made it here. One summer when we were up in Wells (Maine) on vacation we happened to be driving around on a rainy day and ended up in York by accident.  We came to Long Sands beach and went for a walk on a glorious August afternoon.  It had been raining all day on and off but the sun had finally broken through the clouds and the temperature was just right.  Our eldest was three at the time and she chased the seagulls around hailing "stop" to them because she wanted to say hello.  Lo and behold the seagulls would fly away as she would stampede towards them but the game was thrilling to her and the memory of her running after the seagulls is engraved in our minds.

If you are a Mom with young kiddos, I highly recommend you visit York, specially in the summer.  It is very low key, as in you can be in your gym shorts and flip flops all week and nobody will bat an eye at you.  Make up or not, frizzy hair or not, all are kosher around here.  There is lots to do with the kiddos.  The beach is clean and safe and there is a zoo and a sandy park by the beach in town.  If you venture in town, watching taffy as it's being made at the Goldenrod is always fun and will keep the young ones engaged for a few moments.  There is also great popcorn and some quaint shops to browse.  If you are into coffee, the options are expanding which is promising for those of us with early risers.  

Hope you enjoy this post!  Back soon!

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