Friday, July 14, 2023



Happy Friday!  I am getting back here after a long (unplanned) hiatus.  I feel like I have lost my rythm on this platform and I am still working to find my way back.

In the meatime, here is my weekly edit.  I hope you will find it interesting!

1.  Dry brushing ::  This is one of my favorite nightly rituals.  Have you tried it I also like to dry brush my scalp before the shower.  Keep in mind that the brushes don't last forever and yes, you do need to clean them too.  There is no real evidence that dry brushing helps with cellulite but it does help your skin look healthier.

2.  Winding down :: If you have trouble falling asleep at night, here are some good tips for you.  I find that meditation (with legs up the wall) and stretching very helpful.

3.  Summer reading :: Do you find that your reading takes off in the summer?  I have more time which definitely helps.  Here is a good list for you to check out.  I have my eyes set on "Atomic Habits".

4.  Desk essentials :: Is your desk cluttered or organized?  I finally have mine organized and it gives me so much peace.  This list of desk essentials made me smile because I have most of them.  

5.  Barbie summer :: Are you ready to channel your pink this summer?  Here are some Barbie-inspired pieces for inspo.  I have my eyes on the pink birkies.  What about you?

Thank you for reading this post!

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