Wednesday, July 26, 2023



Clean Beaty Empties- July Edition

It's time for another round of Clean Beauty Empties!  Let's dive right in.

1.  Rosewater toner :: I bought this toner on a whim at Wholefoods when I was waiting for my essence to arrive.  I love how light and refreshing this toner is.  I love that it's alcohol free.  I use this before applying my exfoliating mask to balance my pH.

Heritage Rose Water Toner

2.  Priming serum:  This is the first priming serum I've ever used.  It is the only clean priming serum I know of in the market so far.  Why do you need a priming serum?  It basically prepares your skin for make-up but this one also improves skin tone and texture.  You can also wear it under sunscreen for a glowy look.  It delivers both responsibly sourced mica for a glowy look and jojoba ester and tripeptides to moisturize the skin and help brighten and even skin tone.  

Beautycounters Priming Serum

3.  Leave-In Conditioner : If your hair is regularly dry and frizzy, maybe you are missing the third step.  This is one of the only clean leave-in conditioners I have found and I love how it's helped my hair so far.  It's a lightweight spray that leaves my hair smoother and moisturized.  I apply it every morning and before heat styling with this polishing balm.  


Evolvh Leave-In Conditioner

Have you used any of these products before?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this post!

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