Friday, March 31, 2023



I could not be more excited about April.  March seems to last forever here in the Northeast.  The weather stays cold, it's dark in the mornings and there are literally no breaks in school.  So yes, I'm excited for April because it takes us closer to my favorite season- summer.

This weekend is busy.  Bill is back to refereeing soccer, Lucas has his first Pinewood derby and Nahia has a soccer game.  On Sunday we have our annual Easter egg hunt to get into the spirit!

Enjoy this week's round-up!

1.  On cleaning::  Everybody talks about Spring cleaning this time of year.  But what about Spring cleaning your digital life?  My inbox is definitely in need of some attention.

2.  Pancakes:: If you love pancakes for breakfast but get hungry within the hour like me, you should give these oatmeal pancakes a try!  They definitely do the trick.

3.  Home manis::  I was never great at doing my nails and then during COVID I decided I was going to get good at it.  I watched the tutorials from Olive and June over and over, bought their products, and have definitely turned a leaf.  This simple self-care ritual at home saves you both money and time.

4.  Jogger pants:: Are you looking for jogger pants that look like Lululemon's without the price tag?  Look no further than these!  They are buttery soft and you can't beat the price.

5.  Spring jackets:: If you're looking for one too, this might help.  I like this linen blazer, this anorak, and this chore jacket.  What about you?

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