Wednesday, January 27, 2021

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: Winter Hands

How are your hands doing with all the hand washing and hand sanitizer?  We are in the middle of winter and the cold, dry air definitely doesn't help.  Am I the only one too who tends to forget the gloves in the morning in the mad dash to get out of the house?
I have started to make my own hand soap and it's definitely helping.  My hands are not cracking but they still get dry and red.  I have found that this simple treatment works wonders for my hands.  It's relaxing too, and it gives me a chance to bond with Nahia.  I'm trying to teach her self-care early.

We start with this scrub after washing our hands.  It's clean and it works great to remove dead cells on the surface.  These cells prevent lotion from seeping in.

After the scrub, we apply some
cuticle oil and massage it in to soften the cuticles.

We save the best for last!  At this point, lighting a candle and putting some good music on is highly advised.  We warm some coconut oil in the microwave, massage it in and wrap our hands in warm hand towels.  It feels so relaxing and our hands feel renewed!  I use to buy hand masks but I realized warm coconut oil is simpler and works way better.  

Our little spa routine is so fun and so easy to do at home.  What are you doing for your hands these days?  Let me know in the comments below.

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