Monday, September 21, 2020

MOM LIFE :: Our First Week of Remote Learning


We are into week 2 of remote learning at home and things are going pretty smoothly, all things considered.

My husband is working from home until at least January (he's lucky!) so we decided to go with the fully remote option for Nahia.  It was either that or hybrid, going to school every other week.  For reference, she just entered 4th grade.  Remote learning was a mixed bag for her in the Spring.  There were 2 weekly meetings, lots of different websites to log into, and a list of assignments to hunt for every morning on her school website.  Eventually, it got a little monotonous for her. 

This time around, things are a little (or a lot!) different, for the better.  We have Google classroom (yay!), an awesome (and I mean awesome) teacher, and a great little group of kiddos.  Her assignments are easy to find and she has daily meetings for all her classes.  They also post extra stuff (challenges) which she's really loving.  She's also a lot more versed in computers and can navigate her way around with more ease.

I introduced her to the mouse.  She was reluctant at first but then she agreed to try when I promised I would find her a pink one.  After having it for one week, she now understands why she needs one.  We set up her desk in her room and it's really helping too.  I think she feels really grown up.  She's still very dependable and very organized so I don't really need to check up on her a lot.  I'm enjoying it because I have a feeling Lucas might not be the same.  

Technology-wise, it's getting a little better.  We are upgrading our internet again and hopefully, that will really help.  The first few days she was getting frustrated when she was kicked off Google meets but now she understands that it's not just her.  

I'm curious, how is remote learning going for you?  Is your kiddo liking it or getting frustrated?  

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