Friday, August 2, 2019

FRIDAY FIVE :: Outside Fun

Happy Friday!  Have you noticed how's it's getting darker earlier? Gasp!  At this point every year, my focus is on spending as much time outdoors as possible.  My kiddos are both very active so this is a must as long as it's not too hot or we don't have one of those fun summer thunderstorms.

Let's talk about this week's selection!  

1.  These rocking chairs have been on my radar!  They are not super high end but I think they will be just fine!  We have a bench on our front porch that we don't really use and is in need of some TLC.  I think these chairs will be a nice update.  The front porch has a covered area so it will be nice to watch our kiddos play from them (if we get a minute to sit, that is).  In any event, I would also love to catch one of those good summer thunderstorms, watch the rain pour down and then feel the cool breeze that melts the humidity away.  

2.  Anytime we are outside sunscreen is a must.  My kiddos both know that it's a non-negotiable and even Lucas complies without too much fuss.  This sunscreen spray has been so handy this summer.  I'm loving avoiding the sunscreen stains on clothing!

3.  Now onto games shall we?  This basketball set has gotten way more use this year that Lucas is older and gets the game.  It's fun for both him and Nahia to try to shoot hoops.  You can adjust the hoop to the kid's height which is helpful.

4.  This slide is the source of a lot of laughter in our backyard.  My kids come up with the craziest games around it.  We've also used it in the winter if we are snow bound at home.  Hey, whatever helps them burn off some steam!  We are lucky to have a room by the mudroom that has enough space!

5.  This connect 4 game is new on our list!  I never thought it would be a hit but we are planning to add it to our collection of outside toys.  The ice cream parlor we like to go to lately had it inside a couple of weekends ago and it kept Nahia and Lucas entertained for a bit after they finished their ice cream.  Lucas obviously doesn't get the game but loves helping Nahia get started.  

So here you go!  This is my weekly selection.  I hope you are enjoying my Friday musings!

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