Friday, August 30, 2019

FRIDAY FIVE :: Five Picks from the J Crew Labor Day Sales

How is it almost Labor Day?  I honestly don't know where this summer went.  No worries, we had lots of fun!  I am looking forward to a weekend of just relaxing and being, scooping as much sunshine as I can.  

I was browsing the sales as I was drinking my morning coffee and a few things caught my eye.  They are mostly good basic buys to get you rolling into Fall.  Here they are!

1.  This summer my kiddos both discovered a love for soccer.  Nahia will be doing soccer this Fall too, so I am officially a #soccermom.  This weekend sweatshirt will be perfect for those early start weekend games.  Games start at 8:30 on Saturdays-  wish me luck!

2.  Long sleeve tops are a must to transition into Fall.  You can dress them up or down and they don't require ironing which is a blessing some days since I have to be at school by 7:20.  I love stripes, so this t-shirt is a must-have!  

3.  As the weather cools, I'll be transitioning into these tissue turtleneck tops.  They are super practical and cute! 

4.  Some days, you just feel like wearing a cuter top.  This gathered bib top will be so cute with capri pants early Fall!  It's the kind of top that makes you feel more put together for the days you need to be so.

5.  Can we talk about this camo rain jacket ?  I love the camo print!  Don't you think it will be perfect for the weekends?  

These are my picks from the J Crew sales, mostly basics to refresh my stock of everyday items.  Do you have any favorites from the sale?  Let me know in the comments below!

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