Tuesday, January 15, 2019

MY BEAUTY FAVES :: Counterman is Here!

Beautycounter launched today it's much anticipated Counterman line-  a results-driven skin care line tailored to the specific needs of men's skin.  Formulated with the highest standards of safety that Beautycounter sets, this line is our chance to help the men in our lives clean up their routines.  It's all function, no fuss.  I purchased the introductory kit for my husband last Christmas and had him test the products so that I could tell you about them when the line launched.  

My husband is a no frills kind of guy when it comes to his skin routine.  He will purchase a cleaner than average cleanser at Wholefoods but that's about as far as he'll go.  He's not one to stick to a full skin routine until now.  He has a beard and does like to use beard care products though to keep it neat so I thought I had a shot at making this skincare routine stick.

 For skin care, the Counterman line includes the following:

1. Cleanse:  Daily Exfoliating Cleanser to help the pores clean
2. Prep: Clarifying Toner Pads (PM) or smoothing shaving cream in the AM
3. Treat:  Colling Aftershave Tonic (AM)
4.  Protect:  Oil-Free Face Lotion

I like how they also included a conditioning Beard Oil for men with a beard.  My husband has had a beard for a few years and we have been learning how to take care of it.  It's no easy feat!  He has tried a few natural beard oils which help condition the beard and keep it neat.  I must say I think I like this beard oil the best because it's unscented.  With the natural beard oils, they add essential oils to come up with different blends.  One month you have a blend that is pleasant and subtle and the next month it's a new blend with a very strong smell.  It can be a little too much and hard to keep up with. 

The body care selection includes a charcoal body wash which is perfect for travel and a charcoal body bar.  My husband is more the soap bar type and he's really been enjoying this one.  I thought it might be too drying but that is not the case. 

Overall, I can say that I really like the scent of these products.  My husband wears a mild cologne occasionally but the scent of these products is way better.  You want your man wearing this stuff!

If you are wondering what makes these products unique, all formulae in this line are specifically designed for men and are tailored to help protect their skin from everyday stress.  The formulations were designed in compliance with the Never List -  more than 1500 ingredients that are avoided because they have been deemed questionable or harmful.  Can every Men skin care line in the market say this too?  In addition, these products contain the trendy sequoia stem cells which have regenerative properties. 

*This post is not-sponsored and contains my own personal opinions.  I became a Beautycounter consultant because I love their products and share their mission.*

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